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We’re a team of experienced software designers, developers and Business Specialists based in San Francisco, California. We work closely with business brokers to understand the toughest challenges that stand in the way to their business success. We continue to learn from our customers, innovate and evolve our platform to deliver maximum value to our subscribers.

Why BrokerCurve (platform benefits):

BrokerCurve is a powerful workflow optimization platform that delivers high quality, intuitive tools to help business brokers close more deals in less time

Business brokers use BrokerCurve to streamline the entire deal cycle, minimizing the amount of Paper, Manual Work and Risk involved in each step of the transaction

BrokerCurve supports business brokers with extensive resources and guidance to manage the end-to-end deal process, along with all the associated documentation

We enforce High Security Standards. Our hosting infrastructure is in compliance with the latest US and International security/privacy regulations


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Who are we?

Meet The Team

Meet our team that make those great products

Dimitry Kushelevsky
Co-Founder & CEO
Experienced entrepreneur, technology and sales professional, with proven ability to develop a strong business vision and rally people around him to bring it to life.
Daniel Morales
Co-Founder & CTO
Experienced software developer with passion for backend frameworks like Ruby on Rails. Strong skills in Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), RESTful architecture, scalable apps, Javascript, React.

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2066 N. Capitol Ave
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San Jose, CA. 95132

E: support@brokercurve.com
P: +1 (418) 767-6774